The break-up dilemma?

Hello there! I have quite a difficult problem, that will take a bunch of words to describe.
More than a year ago, I have personally met a girl (on occasion) that I have liked for several years at that point. She was from another city, but we started getting along very well. Fast forward one and a half months - we are dating.
We were very happy at the start, despite the fact we could see each other no more than once, or twice a month. We spoke to each other nearly every hour and I got to know her very well. It has lasted for half a year, after which it all started to fall apart.
A lot of stuff has contributed to this and I am totally aware of these reasons. First of all, I was 18 at that moment I she was the first love I have ever had, I was totally unexpirienced and has always thought I wasn't worth her, that's why I've done very stupid things. So, this break up was loud and unavoidable.
But the problem is that I love her still, despite the fact that about a year has already passed since this event. It is hard to believe, but she still fills up all the space in my heart and I cannot think about any other girls as more than friends, it is just impossible.
Since that I have thought over everything and I believe that I have changed into more developed and mature person, but, there is a problem, she has another one and has fulfilled a goal of moving out of home. Her new boyfriend doesn't even let us talk to each other, blocking me on her phone and making lots of different threats. And, she seems happy with him, as much as I can tell.
So, guys, I need a suggestion. Something mature and different than "forget about her", I just don't want to. What can I do? I don't want to ruin the relationship she is happy being a part of, but I am very worried that this once can appear to last for a very long time as she lives with him now. I am just tired of waiting, I want to do something. I have tried a lot of things and she is a bit aware of my intentions.
The break-up dilemma?
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