My girlfriends gay now now can we ever be together again?

Hey, so me and my girlfriend were dating for about 4 years.. We broke about close to 2 months ago, May 5. When we were together I'll say two week before we broke up, she revealed to me she likes women and she'd probably end up being lesbian if we ever broke up. She was very emotional crying and it was hard for her to tell as she told her mom the other day before. She said she still romantically loved me just really wanted to tell me. Anyways it did somewhat shock me, I somehow knew because I'd see small things here & there for the last 4 years, but didn't think otherwise since women are naturally compliment other women.

So we have deep talk about it, I understand her, support her, have fun laughing moments with it everythings good! I noticed on her twitter she was becoming more open with it and tumblring gaylike posts and commenting to somewhat famous gay youtubers tweets. It did bug me, but two days before we broke up she tweeted "best day ever" "she was there <3" while she was at college. That bugged me and so I got into her twitter in which she didn't know I knew and In which I didn't see anything or do anything on. Finally we meet two days later, and she was kinda moody, we got into an argument, It got de-escalated and I left. 3 hours later I get a the break up text she seen I got into her account etc and had other stuff to say to. I texted her apologizing for the twitter thing, and other stuff. We didn't talk for a whole month.

I reached out to her 5 days ago, saying I'm not mad at her and I wish you be friends with her and basically more happy spirited stuff. She replied and we had a little good quick convo. She added me back on fb and I followed her on Ig.

I honestly want her back but don't know if she does, I pretty sure she likes women but I honeslty think it's a phase. A lot a people think she's confused and just need a lot of time to herself. Is there a chance, I was with this girl for 4 years. She's my first love, I can't see life without her.
My girlfriends gay now now can we ever be together again?
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