Divorce : how much the wife will get?

the husband is diagnosed with cancer it will require therapy for a some time
the wife decided to file for divorce
they live in a rented house
they have no kids and married for 2 years
she has a good job
they live in the usa
will court take in consideration the husband condition and how will the alimony will be


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  • In this situation, she can get into serious trouble legally because the guy is diagnosed with cancer. When you leave a spouse with a serious illness there is a LOT to be considered. Remember that in a Divorce Court is not always what everybody tells you. It's a case by case base and the have to divide the assets both of you accumulated TOGETHER while married. They will more and likely force her to pay the alimony based on this case. However, don't ask this kind of question on here for we cannot give you that kind of advice. I'm only stating my opinion. So UNLESS there is a reason she wants to divorce, which should be adultery only, she can have issues in court if she doesn't have valid reasons that doesn't relate to you having cancer.

    • she says she can can't handle his illness and wants alimony from him

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    • They will deny it if anything. So either she goes for no fault and get nothing, or ride on this and god forbid progress the disease. If she is trying to kill you, which is sounds like, just give her the no fault and be on your way. I don't condone divorce, but you have to live.

    • thanks i dont blame her everyone wants whats best for him

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  • Why should get anything? Sounds like she should be supporting him.


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  • Sounds like nothing. There are no kids, no house to split, etc. They've only been married 2 years so she won't be able to get alimony. In order to get alimony you had to have been married for 5 years in most states and you must have been dependent on your spouse

  • If I were the judge I'd give her nothing. She can work.


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  • Well depending on the State there might not be alimony at all.
    also it would depend on how good her job is compared to his.

  • Alimony is theft. there's absolutely no justifying it..


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