He cheated with me, yet his girlfriend is staying with him.

I hooked up with this girls boyfriend, (we had sex) she found out, confronted me and basically called me a whore. Yet, she is still with him. He cut off contact with me. Thoughts on why they didn't break up?


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  • i'm sorry to say it, but you were just a jump-off. he had no plans of leaving her. were you trying to break them up?

    • I wasn't trying to break them up. I was aware that he just wanted a hookup, but after his girlfriend bitched me out, I thought she'd be breaking up with him.

      And he publicly cheated with me in front of his best friend, who told her about it.

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  • They love each other. She forgave him, and he said he won't do it again, and won't.

    She loves him more than he does. She forgave him, he said he won't do it again, and he will.

    • I think he will do it again. I mean he hooked up with me in front of his best friend, and his best friend ratted him out. Also she called when he was hooking up with me, and that didn't stop him from continuing to have sex with me. I just think it's stupid they're together because she made a point of confronting and bitching me out. Whatever. I wouldn't date a guy that was so public about cheating on his gf, anyway.

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  • because you were an easy f***. but she's he's actual love. sure he messed up on screwing some cheap skank but he obviously loves this girl to death. you don't compare.

    stop sleeping with girls boyfriends skeezbag

    • Haha wow, no need for the unnecessary anger. I didn't even know they were dating.

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