He told me not to talk to him..

My ex broke up with me about 2 weeks ago. For one week, we were alright, we were kinda friends. But that whole first week after we broke up he had a girlfriend. Then he told me he missed me and said he wanted to give us another chance, the next night he broke up with his girlfriend. Then not even an hour later, he had another one. I would have given him another chance after the first girlfriend, but then he just f*cked me over again. So we got in this huge fight and he said he wanted me to leave him alone, so I did. I deleted his number from my phone, and deleted him on Facebook. Ten minutes after I deleted him, he sent me another request. I accepted it, then he signed off, and I deleted him again.

Why did he re-add me if he wanted me to leave him alone?

I think he might want to be able to check my Facebook still, because part of the reason we broke up was because he was jealous of this guy I had a thing with before we went out. And me and that other guy are back to our 'thing'.


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What Guys Said 1

  • id be willing to bet he overdramatizes things. one minute he's going to hate u, and then the next, he's going to want to see u. if I were u, id block him from any connection on internet/outside life. guys like that can be real dangerous sometimes


What Girls Said 1

  • First, rebounds are immature. That's exactly what he did to you.

    Second, a guy that gets jealous over the smallest things lacks self confidence in themselves. So in other words, they already think they're not good enough.

    You're young and you don't need immature guys like that.

    You'll learn that with age comes commitment and trust...not jealousy.

    Try moving on from him.

    You don't need his little immature tactics in your life.


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