My ex is saying he is in love with me and with another woman... I slept with him, what should I do?

My ex and I have been friends for years and were together for just shy of 3 years. We were long distance and he ended up cheating on me with someone he's kind of seeing now. I moved to his city and am loving it here. We thought we could be best friends once I moved, like we normally are and hang out etc, but the new girl, who knows about me and that he is still in love has said "it's her or me".

I want to do the right thing, I am still very much in love with this man too. Long story short... we saw each other for the first time in a while and we slept with each other. Now we are both avoiding seeing each other because we don't want to compromise ourselves again. He's not in a relationship with this woman, she is aware of his feelings for me and I am aware of her etc. I know sleeping with me muddies everything so I won't do it again but gaaaaaah.

We are best friends. His kids love me. I want what is best for them and for me. Should I cut him out and wish him the very best or let this pass and see what happens?

Obviously I won't sleep with him again. Help!


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  • What a mess... you sure you want to take care of his kids too?


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