Me and my Ex! What to do?

So me and my ex broke up about 9 months ago, it's been a rocky break up to say the least and we have a 2 yr old daughter together. First few months we dident really speak then after about 5 months I started getting random 1am phone calls and texts saying she misses me (we had slept together 3 times within this time) then that led to us talking more and continued into us hanging out and it's at the point now were we proble don't go 2 days without seeing each other we go on lunch and dinner dates, go out drinking, have "sleep overs" etc.
One night we were cuddling in bed watching a movie after getting home from being out drinking and she turns to me and says "I love you" I was abit taken back and wasn't sure what to say because she has always maintained that we aren't getting back together, she contained to say that even though she does still love me and loves all the perks of having a boyfriend such as the cuddling, kissing, dates and sex just without having a boyfriend but that we still can't be together. Which has left me really confused and in abit of a tuff spot and I'm not sure what to do? Part of my brain knows we're not getting back together but at the back there's a part that is like "well you never know" not to mention I still love her and would die to be with her again! Also the sex is good.


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  • You guys are still in a relationship whether she wants to flat out admit or not. All the benefits and feelings are there. You need to ask her if she's really wants to move on from you and if she does, she can't keep this hook on you.


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  • you have a daughter, you love her, she lives you I don't know know about ur culture but i know it is necessary here for a kid to be in the middle of 2 married couple so how about bying a ring and asking her for marriage

    • I know which only makes everything that more difficult, this may sound crazy but I have thought about that 😂 I'm not sure it would be received to well.

    • so what will you do? it seems the right thing for me

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  • What is her reason for not wanting to be with you? Is it valid in your opinion?

    • Her reasoning, that she has said to me is that we just don't work well together and let's just say I'm not a fav around her family

    • Unless the underlying issue that drove you apart in the first place gets fixed, then you'll stay in this same destructive cycle. Is she willing to consider counseling- both together and separately- if nothing else for the sake of your daughter?

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