Advice for getting over an ex you hear about and see all the time?

I ended it with I guy I had been seeing for 6 months. We are also neighbours. We got along great, never fought and shared mutual friends, but he' has some maturing to do emotionally. He ghosted me after 2 months and came back after 1 mth, said he was afraid of his feelings, i gave him a second chance. During the time when we were together I would always see him alone with his best friends female cousin. He would tell me they are just friends, she's like family but who really knows. He knew it bothered me bcus sometimes I wouldn't hear from him for days then see him out with her. HE would tell me 1 day he wanted a relationship and the next week he'd tell me he's not ready. He would not respond to my texts for days sometimes , and I didn't feel respected.
After all the roller coaster I ended it with him when I saw him going home at night with a girl he told me was a good friend from school, which I believe but I realized I couldn't trust him. Our breakup was really good, he felt bad and didn't want me to go, we ended on good terms. I am struggling bcus I know I had to leave and it was the right thing, but I still like him. I saw him once 1 mth after at a friends event and he texted me that it was nice seeing me and wishes we could be sleeping together that night. I responded but it made me miss him more. Yesterday I saw him walking with his friends cousin that I always saw him with and he saw me , I waved it was small but he saw me and didn't say hi. He turned red, started saying something to her, I saw her shrug and say who cares and they kept walking. Im choked thinking that probably I was right about them and now they're together as soon as we broke up. I see this guy all the time since we're neighbours, we hang out in the same end of the city so we see each other and we share friends so I hear about him. Anyone have any advice for me getting over this kind of relationship? Especially since I don't have the normal breakup must of out of sight out of mind?


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