How to stop holding on to the idea of my ex boyfriend so I can find someone better?

My mom told me that the sooner I stop holding on to the idea of him, the sooner someone better can come along. And I really want to find someone better. But I don't know how to stop and let go, move on, forget him, and everything. How do I?


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  • try and think back about how he wasn't the right one for you... try to hate him so that it would be easier for you to move on


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  • hmm.. i think u have make yourself busy... or find someone new friend who will help u to do this..

    • I don't know what I can do or who could help me. 😕

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    • ya... its was an mistake... hey do u have any other way to talk nicely?

    • What do you mean?

  • Yeah, you can find someone better


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