In love with a guy and he doesn't reply to any of my texts anymore.. how do I let go? It's been three months.

I met a guy quite on holidays.. in NY! Kept in contact via email for four months then met up four months later at my home country whilst he was passing by. Both moved to NYC at a similar time pursuing different things. Caught up on many occasion whilst in NYC. Slept over at his place a few times, we didn't counter any sort of intimate actions although we had a strong chemistry between each other & we both knew it without verbalizing it. He was a gentleman, but since I was unsure of my time in NY, I didn't want to take things further. We both knew their was a chemistry between each other but neither of us pushed forward to develop the relationship. Finally, I had to leave NY and I told him I liked him and that I wanted to stay in contact. He agreed and we texted each other and spoke every so often. He told me he though I was a "swell chick" and one day I was drunk and unfortunately drunk dial him getting all p*ssed off etc. Stupid act... ever since things changed. We drifted apart and due to the long distance thing we both stopped contacting each other. Originally, I thought it was lust... but I have a feeling this was special and I am still in love with this guy. I texted him a few weeks ago out of the blue because I thought about him (I still do, everyday... too!) and wanted to know how he was doing and to see how his life was going in the new city. Well- he didn't reply and I was quite offended. Even as a friend, friends text back- but he didn't. Everyday until day, I tell myself to get over it and move on. However, today when I was browsing on Facebook, I found a girl leaving msgs on his wall saying he missed him, that she enjoying the other day etc...and has a photo of pic in her profile pic (I know... sounds stalker-ish- but I had to find a way to find closure..) so I figured he's got a girlfriend now. Funnily, my reaction to this was not good. In fact, I was angry and upset. Yes, I know he's over me, moved on, probably wasn't that interested. But why the hell can't I get over him/? It's been three months since and I can't get this guy out of my head... everyday I wonder about him and I thought we had something special. I thought he was special and I don't often have these feelings or open up myself to guys. However, I thought we had a very special connection. Obviously not. Now, that I found closure. I don't know how to get over him... and let it do I let go and forget about him and move on with my life? I will be moving to NY in a month and I'm contemplating whether or not I should call him or just let it. I miss him and often think about the times we shared and it brings a smile to my face. Help- shed me some light.

Can one really fall in love without dating someone? It's so odd... How do I forget him... I feel like its my fault... and my lose... =(



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  • Simply tell him your feelings.


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