He blocked me and cut me off after I questioned his intentions?

We live in different countries and meet up as much as possible, but we started talking on a different level and he was going to be in a country close by soon and he was either going to come over to me or I would fly to that country. But I had doubts because I've known him so many years (at least 6) and we had been flirting and it was fun and I thought it would become something, but then he was telling me about random hook ups and how he doesn't want a girlfriend and how he can get any girl to go anywhere with him because he has a lot of money, I was worried because I didn't want anything to wreck our friendship. So when he messaged me to plan things I questioned things about being just another girl he can go somewhere with in a joking way, hoping he would say something like 'I've known you many years, you're not like them,' he made a rude comment and removed me from everything. I sent a text and he responded bluntly and that's been it.

We are supposed to meet up soon. I don't feel like I did anything wrong, he's just used to getting his own way and got angry. I wanted to show him I didn't care about money or using him and this happened. What can I do?


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  • don't do anything he doesn't want to talk to you


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