My ex keeps contacting me for no reason, what does he want?

Me and my ex broke up 4 days ago. We were together for little over a year. It wasn't a bad break-up at first, but now we're not talking. He didn't treat me well and every one can see it except himself, he things that I'M the reason we broke up and that I'm the one who's at fault. We broke up Thursday, and Saturday he asked if I had talked to his mom, and I said yes. I asked her when I could come get my things because I wanted to get them while he wasn't home. He asked me what we had talked about, and I just told him the truth and I told him that Sunday was the only day I had time. He said ok, but then he deleted me as a friend on Facebook. On Sunday he wrote to me and asked me a question (the question itself is irrelevant, but it wasn't a life or death question so it made no sense.) I answered him politely and that was it. Sunday I went to get my things at his parents house (he lives at home) and his parents told me that they agreed with me and that they understood why I couldn't do it anymore. I went to sleep and the next day I woke up to another message from him. He asked me if I had taken a picture he had of me and him that I gave him. I said 'No. And I don't want you to contact me again unless it's with an apology.' He just answered 'Deal!' I didn't answer and a couple of minutes later I got a message saying 'you'll get your money this Friday and then we have nothing more to talk about!' He owes me a little bit of money and I just answered 'Alright!' My question is what do I expect? Should I ever expect an apology? Does he still care or does he just not give a damn? Is he just angry and will it pass?


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  • I wouldn't expect an apology. It sounds like you two are too distant at this point. My ex really hurt me in the process of breaking up with me and she didn't even realize she was doing it. (I was only able to figure that out later so I somewhat forgave her). However, the two of us are permantly distant now. I'm guessing he won't understand what he's done and if he does it won't be for a while. Just forget him. Console in friends and family. If he contacts you, just ignore him. If you keep replying, he will continue to text you. Just forget him it's over. Just remember that you made the right decision and that you don't have to apologize for anything. Just don't expect anything from him either.


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  • No you shouldn't because you broke up with him you made the choice to and unfortunately some guys have a big ego so they just always assume they right and dont give a shit he expects you to apologise while you expect him to it just won't work if he can't even realise he was wrong so there is no point you shouldn't care because you were unhappy as you mentioned so there is no turning back otherwise you will just deal with the same as you did so just get the money and cut all contact with him because there is no point wondering he clearly doesn't make you happy and you deserve better maybe some time appart will be good


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