Can someone explain this behaviour?

My friends with benefits called it off over a month ago. She said we were too much of a relationship and needed her space.

after breaking it off, she tried talking to me. I kept my distance and was indifferent. She reacted to saying I was only into it for sex.

then becomes cold and she would generally look upset and have her back facing me. Also, she starts flirting around.

now she is super friendly to me again and extremely playful. My question is, why is she friendly and playful?


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  • Remember this and always remember this. People change ALL THE TIME. Like it's not even funny how much people change up all the time... so this girl you're talking to, she changed up on you... then changed up on you again... that's just how some people are sometimes...

  • Impossible to explain. Its just beeing a woman.

    • Does she want me back?

    • I think so. She could not have sex with somebody and came back to you.

    • Do I continue ignoring her?

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