I'm not for gay rights?

So here's the thing. I'm not religious or anything, but I'm also against gay marriage. I have 3 close gay friend; one of which has been my great friend for over 16 years. So I don't hate gay people. I just don't think people need to continuously petition for it. All I see on my news feed is "accept our belief" bla bla bla. But when I say I dont; I'm shunned? Lol! Double standards. 🙄🙄


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  • Everyone's entitled to their own opinions. You shouldn't let anyone bring you down.
    I support gay marriage but I don't like when people try to shove it down others throats.
    I always thought Pride Parades were pointless too. I get it your gay and your proud but a parade based on that? Really.
    I agree with @gregnator. Your not homophobic you just don't like extremist or people shoving their beliefs on others.

    • Pride parades aren't just about taking pride in their identity, they're about being accepting of their own identities despite social norms telling them they shouldn't be. And honestly, if someone opposes a group having equal rights on the basis of their sexuality, that's pretty much the definition of bigotry.

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  • Here's the thing, I believe you actually do support gay rights, and do support the idea of gay people being able to have sex with eachother with consent. the thing you are against is the idiotic "IN YOUR FACE, ACCEPT IT OR you're A HOMOPHOBE " Type of nonsense that you see.

    I understand that. When it comes to the United states, I believe they're doing it all wrong. in my country, gay marriage and gay rights weren't thst big of an issue. why? because we didn't shove it in people's faces. That's the difference I think.

    If people would shove it in my face like they do in the US, I'd probably be against gay rights, simply because they push their naritive so much and so extreme. am I right or am I totally wrong?

    • Wow. Actually. You are very correct!
      Great perspective. See; my gay friends are not pushy. They don't petition for it or anything. They go with the flow. And now I think about it; if they were to get married, I would be happy for them, and that's because they never judged me. So yes, you are right!

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