Does my ex fling want me back?

So me and this guy were dating for about 3 months.. we saw each other every day and did everything together.. however, he would get over jealous.. and he saw a guy friend texted me and blew it out of proportion.. he tried to get back at me and hit up this girl.. for that reason I cut him off...
well its been a month we haven't contacted, and 2 days ago he finally called me after a month.. he apologized again and tried to explain why he did what he did.. he told me he hasn't moved on at all and he hoped I haven't.. he basicslly kind of said he called to clear the air , and if nothing's going to happen between us "it is what it is"...
so i ended the phone call after talking for an hour by saying I had work early and I would "talk to you later "so I went to bed...

well its been 2 days and I haven't heard from him.. why would he do this? Is it because he missed me, wanted me back.. or tryna confuse me? I'm wondering if he's waiting to see if I'll reach out to him now..


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  • jealousy isn't something you can get rid of in a month,

    lets MAKE A TIMELINE, shall we?
    you had a fling
    did everything together
    a text message from another guy flipped him off (red flag 1)
    blew it out of proportions (red flag 2)
    tried to get back at you but hitting up another girl (red flag 3)
    you cut him off
    *barely a month goes through
    realizes that doesn't have anyone to fall back on/backup*
    hits you up
    seems like he is sorry
    tries to act like it has hurt him deeply and he hasn't moved on *mind you, he hit up another girl*
    tried to act changed and matured by- if nothing happens it is what it is
    you think that maybe he has changed
    maybe wants you back
    that keeps playing in your mind
    *surprisingly* made you want to wait for his call


    either he calls back or you call him up
    he acts like a pro , convinces that he has changed
    you start dating again
    everything goes normal for a while
    one fine day you guy friend since childhood decides to pay you a visit.
    boom - jealousy strikes back
    things go back in the same pattern

    if you think getting back is the right thing to do after looking at the timeline
    I hope you the best of luck

  • give him c call if you like him! he might have realised thata he's wrong and wants you back!

  • There is lots of discussion about EXes... here is my philosophy in dealing with them.

    An EX means.. FORMER partner. That means they no longer are a significant part of your life. You have detached the link between you. In my decades of dating experience, only the first breakup was harsh emotionally. Even then, I knew the right way to move on was to simply accept it was over and to continue with my life, with the knowledge a new relationship was around the corner. Since then, each breakup was easy. I could move on the same day, with no emotional aftereffects. It is mental discipline and knowledge that more relationships are to follow. Every person will have several relationships and several breakups before they find "the one". This is normal, so how you deal with it needs to simply be part of the routine. Simply push them out of your mind and your life and continue on.

    Who CARES about an EX? Who cares about what an EX thinks of them? I see people who whine about an ex spreading rumors or posting negative things on social media. Who cares? Their opinion should not matter at all. They are an EX... the past. No longer involved with you. This person is now one of the billions of strangers on the planet. An irrelevant person.

    Breakups happen for a reason...


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