How to get a girl back?

So just recently my girlfriend broke up with me, we were only dating 2 months but were best friends before that. We did everything together and was really happy, she has depression though and that sometimes effected the relationship and put fights in, but fights are normal... right? I know she loved me because she told me every secret and she cried over me and everything felt perfect... I was a bit clingy though and also cried over her but she wanted me to text her 24/7 mostly and I was going to meet her, but on the way texting between me and her stopped working and she didn't get my messages anymore... I tried all I could to contact her but it didn't work... so eventually we get there at 2am and the next morning she says I left her for 12 hours and that due was all alone and hurt and that she's not dating me anymore... she dumped me... I begged for her to not... I told her I tried texting her all that time... I did all I could... but she left me... and now the past few days she's been hanging with some guy who I've always hated... yesterday we talked and had fun together and everything seemed so good... but then I had to go because of parents and we texted but she told me she was hanging out with the other guy... and it hurt me severally... and I showed that to her... I'm wondering if I stopped texting her... would she come back to me? if it were true love could she move on that quick? she left that guy for me in the first place because she says she never was happy with him... she says they're only friends and that me and her need to rebuild our **friendship** when I said I can't deal with it and I'll go away forever she said go... leave me just like every other guy... so might she still want me or what... I really want her back and I want to know if she really lost all her feelings for me or if it's just depression (she's on her period too) don't know if that effects it but yeah.. she told me I was her world before.. Is it possible to get her back? I feel broken


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  • depression, people say they ok and dont need ur company but they so do... its. just. difficult to do simple t himgs that is nothing to people without depression. Make sure if. u dont hear. from her shw doesn't want u to call. she needs yoy to call. her cause she. might not. have enough motivAtion to even call.

    • We talk... Just not as much and I want her back... Everywhere it said online that the way to get them back is to not talk to them and wait until they do you... but I think she's different because usually when she says she wants to be alone she actually wanted me around... so now that she's broken up with me... will she regret it? all of it felt like she was the one and she said I was... I feel like she just thought that I wasn't there when she needed me but I tried my best to contact her... I don't know I just really miss having her as mine and don't want to lose her but I know the love was real... Does anyone know any way I could get her back... she was my only true love... all the ones before were fake but me and her were do close and it was just different than ever before... I really want her back but I know begging will only make it worse...

    • That's so nice. If she is depressed she would want company , in little visits at a time. Maybe back. off for 3days at most but send her a message to let her know ur there and your thinking bout her. and u will message her sometimes so u know she ok,(that way u still get to talk to her . Than just go and visit her on 3rd day , no matter what she says. She will de f appreciate your company , cause no one understand how to treat people with depression, they just don't really acnologe them. But u under s tsnd her and she is very lucky to have u. good luck

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  • getting back together is never a good idea, it always seems like a good idea at first, but take some time to really think about, after many of my breakups i always think about what if we got back together... but after a few days/weeks (depends on how good our relationship was) you see that you are better off without her

    take some time and think about it, you will see that it is better to move on

    • I've thought about how the relationship all the way through it I even thought about if I ever tried moving on and I started crying because I couldn't... She did the same, I've seen her cry over me unlike I've ever seen before... She was really needy and I was there for her but that last day... texting didn't work and so she was alone depressed and sick... she thought I left her but I did all I could to text her... I tried my hardest... and I need her back... I feel like she doesn't love me anymore because she said the friendship is non existent but could she just say those things because of depression and period and just pain or what? Yesterday she told me she was sad and she didn't know why... I want her to want me and I don't know if she does... could love go away that quick or is she hiding emotions?

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  • I'm in the same boat as you. My boyfriend broke up with me a week ago. i think you should go NC, It might make her realise how much she actually misses you.

    • maybe, but I don't know cause we are going to meet today for sure and even agreed to kiss if we're alone so at this point I really don't know >.< (it was internet relationship) but I came to meet her and the first few days her dad wouldn't take her but this is the last day I'm here and we are going to meet and she agreed to kiss if we were alone so might she still like me?

    • did you meet her after?

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