My boyfriend said he needed time to himself and broke up with me too because he said he couldn't keep on hurting the person who least deserved it?

We set a date to see if we still want to be with each other in a month. I know I'll still want to be with him but I don't know if he will want to be with me. What are the chances he will want me again


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  • I did that to my last girlfriend because I was going through some stuff and like your boyfriend I needed to be alone. But he might feel like he's going to hurt you mentally and emotionally so just give him time.


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  • Girl, I was in your situation about 2 weeks ago.. my guy told me the same and that's exactly what I did I gave him space. I was sad for a couple of days but I got bored with being sad so I stopped -I know that's easier said than done. My point is, give him his space. Don't reach out to him or if you do make sure you don't text him to much. You'll be okay:) it just takes time

    • Guys need to clear their heads every now and then if not they make stupid mistakes.

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