Is it that easy to fall out of love for a guy?

after a serious relationship of five years, do they just all of a sudden , within a few weeks, just fall out of love? no matter what the reason, except of cheating obviously. do they just forget the girls they were head over heals for once?


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  • Depends on what happens. I had a girl I was in LOVE with, but she started getting possessive and jealous of my girl friends, so I just broke it off, and I rarely even thought of her again. Basically like she was just booted out of my brain

    • you broke up with her just because she was being possessive?

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    • well. then you breaking up with her makes sense

    • Yeah. If the guy is totally convinced he's breaking up with the girl for good reason and there's no way the relationship can be repaired, get doesn't even fall out of love. It's more like teleporting it of love. All of a sudden they're just a blank face

  • That's depends, one man can forget after second and other could never forget but neither of them won't show a thing. But that's only one man opinion


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