What does he want from me?

My ex and I broke up in December 2016. It was a mutual thing- so there was no screaming or shouting. In February 2017 I found out he was already dating someone else and I completely freaked out on him. I did no contact for a while and extended and olive branch recently. We have been talking more just catching up. In the the past few weeks he has been asking me if I have been with anyone else besides him, I answered vaguely, he mentioned that everywhere he goes there's a memory of us and I agreed with him and quite recently he told me he isn't emotionally over our relationship and its difficult to move on; initially I was speechless, but managed to tell him to rather leave his current relationship and take time for himself, but obviously he is going to do the opposite. Both times he said "nothing meant by it". I care for him and I really want to help, but its not my place to.

I guess I just need some clarity on what's happening in his head.
We dated over two years, we were each other's first love. These responses are helpful. Thank you. Keep it up. Communication, jealousy, social media all played a role in the breakup it just got to a point where too much had happened.


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  • you broke up for a reason
    you flipped when he moved on. made him realize that he's still got your mind
    extended an olive branch, made yourself look needy
    he wanted to make sure that you weren't influenced by anyone and if he still had you on backup.
    he played you by getting emotional about how he remembers the two of you everywhere. made sure that you felt sympathy for him
    said its difficult to move on, trying to show that you still were the one that he actually liked.
    you asked him to leave his relationship to take time for himself, which for him meant that you wee willing to if he ended is current one.
    you care for him. because to un are a nice person
    you fell for his trick because you are really/genuinely a nice person and innocent enough to not see thins coming.
    I hope I was able to help

    • You were right. I called him out on his actions. I asked him if the girl he is seeing now is his girlfriend or not; he said " I don't feel comfortable answering that" and I ended things then and there.

    • I'm glad I was able to make it easier for you

      sorry for the result though

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  • I feel like you broke up for a reason, when a relationship has a crack in it, it takes awhile yo heal. Take things slow, maybe both you guys just need to be friends for starters and work from there?


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  • Do you know well the causes of your break up? How long your relationship lasted? It's hard to think about your question without these information... Good luck, take good care of you... ;)

    • Ok thank you for the update! Social media are so bad sometimes... good for meeting and dating and even better for causing break up! I don't know where all of this will leading us but the world will soon need a "break up solidarity community" with all the break up there is in the world in our time! So... you maybe can start some kind of "philosophic discussion" around social media and love in our time with him just to know his opinion, his feelings... but anyway i think you should work on your life and make it very interesting and attractive which will either get his interest back or get someone else interest up for you! This is more sure for you! ;)

  • free advice if he feels so you will see in him if not use your sandle and just fuck him offf


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