Should I ask my ex out?

Hey guys, I really need some advice on this one. I started hanging out with this guy I knew for almost a year but we only got closer in the end of last year and ended up dating for 4 months and never made the relationship truly oficial. He broke up with me saying "it's not you, it's me"/"still want to stay friends", saying that he couldn't be physical with anyone by that time and he was going through some family issues.

Since then (it's almost been 4 months) we talked little from time to time and even go out as friends once, but since I still had feelings for him this situation really hurt me and I decided to back off for the past month. We even had a drunk conversation when I told him I still liked him and asked him to tell me to give up and he did tell me that "nothing was ever going to happen between us again". I thought I'll never hear from him again but on the past few weeks he left some public comments on my social media and even started a private conversation but then stopped answering and this made me think a lot of him again...

I know deep down I still have some feelings from him, and I tend to make impulsive decisions, but I really want to keep him in my life and I still feel the need to hang out with him. So I've been thinking of asking him out to a concert next week but I'm afraid he'll just say no and I'll make a fool of myself. What do you think?
Should I ask my ex out?
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