How do u get a best friend back?

We've talked and he said he just needs 'a little break' but I'm sorta thinking that was an excuse. We were best friends for a long time and we had A LOT of history. Man I miss him.
All started 5 years ago when we dated and lasted for 6months. When we broke up we didn't talk for a bit but soon after we became friends. We only grew stronger after, he was there for me through everything and I did the same. I dated a different boy during this time and my best friend was by my side through it all, through all the times this boy hurt me. When we finally broke up id talk about how much I hated this boy for so long. Then me and the boy got back together and my best friend was mad.
All i know is that we stopped being friends because
1. I started being a nag
2. id complain all the time to him
3. i got back together with my ex


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  • Well it depends what caused the friendship to end. But there really isn't anything you can do. It takes two people to be friends and he's got to choose it on his own.


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  • mind giving us a background of the history?

    • from the update , the chances are slim but not gone totally

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