Wondering why my ex wants my attention and is talking to me?

Hey so my ex broke up with me last month. Just wondering why she went cold and always had her back facing me. Now when i see her, she always tries to talk to me or even tries to tease me. She's always trying to get my attention and would also play fight with me.

I'm just curious why do all this?


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  • My ex did that.. turned cold and said he doesn't love me anymore... then came back and started talking and laughing as if nothing actually happened... I don't really know what he had in mind but I did my best to ignore him.. finally he stopped. I think after some time they understand how much we valued them.. how important and loved they really were. When they left, they might have not felt the same thing as before... so they came back..

  • Probably a phase of regretting the break up or just simply wants to be your friend again.


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