Guys, guys, how will a girl know you're truly over them even when you told her you aren't?

It's been a month, since you dumped her. Your 9 month relationship wasn't the best but you claimed you loved her so much and she was your first true love. After break up, you were always talking and you even asked her to be your friend. But you always end up arguing with her. Now she stopped talking to you. How will she know you still love her or care for her if you guys stopped talking. She still loves you.


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  • I would not make any moves on her.

    • so she has to make a move on you? if you not over her?

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    • hey so i saw him online today so I messaged him a hey. and he replied saying oh i just got online in forever and you messaged instantly. i was like how are you. he's like how are you? it's been so many days since we talked. then he started talking about he's adding a friend to the app and blah blah. and rambling about some news on tv. I was like wow. and he said ya lol. I didn't even reply anymore. The thing is he used to say he only talks to me on the messenger. Now all of a sudden he is adding friends and he said he was not online for a few days. lol that's a lie. because I know he is always online. I think I am done with him. I am not even worried or sad or mad anymore.

    • good to know

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