How can I re establish communication and friendship with an ex that doesn't want to talk to me again?

When she broke up with me over text it shattered me. I had made the mistake of making her the biggest thing in my life. I ended up freaking out, and ended up begging and asking what I did wrong, and started sending a bunch of texts. It got to the point she didn't want me as part of her life.

I finally got smart enough to give her space, over a month Then I decided to send her a text, I was wondering how she was. I got no response.

Week later tried to call, no answer.

later, I really needed to talk to her, it involved a medical issue I've had that only she knew about, I texted her, said I really needed to talk to her about it. She responded, saying she wasn't willing to talk but she would answer as well as she could. , I hated doing it over text, and once I explained it, was then going to ask what I needed to. An emergency came up, I couldn't finish asking at the time.

later she was upset because I hadn't asked the questions yet, so when I was able to respond, I told her what happened. I asked her what I needed, got answers, I told her thank you and I'd get it figured out from there. I said one final thing, I asked, for both our sakes, for her forgiveness. She forgave me. I told her thanks and wished her the best. She finally showed a little bit more compassion in her final text telling me she hoped the emergency and medical issue went ok, she knew it had to be hard.

I want to try to rebuild communication slowly somehow, I know there's feelings there, but I messed up. I have good news about the issues, don't know if I should text and tell her. I have a birthday card that was perfect for her, it's in a week. Not sure if I should text her or even send her birthday card

I've taken care of my issues and have started a business. As a friend, she could be of big help, and want to get some business cards to her to give out, she knows many potential customers. I'd love to see where things could go, even as friends, but I have to get her to open up to show her


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  • Leave her be. She could feel like you only tried to become friends with her again to assist your business and that is not fair to her.


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