Should I be worried that my ex is in a rebound relationship when she said were getting back together?

my girlfriend broke up with me for the summer because of the distance but we were still in love so we would get back together when school started then she found a new guy and started dating him about 2 weeks later and still they've been together about 3 weeks now

basically I want to know if I should worry about this guy? because as far as I know the only thing that he is doing that I couldn't is give her time and when we broke up she said she still loved me so I'm confused on how to deal with this emotionally and how I should treat her during the summer, and once school starts when I have the time for her and he doesn't (if they're still together) I could really use some help


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  • Yeah, your ex is playing you. If she really loved you I don't see why she would break up with you for the summer only to get back with you in the fall. Nor do I see why she would start dating another guy if she really loved you.

    I would interpret her actions more as she was looking for an excuse to experiment with other guys but still have the option of coming back to you open. Sure, she may get back with you in the fall, but she might not as well. Why sit around and wait for her to dictate your life?


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