What can and should I do?

So, I posted yesterday about messaging an ex who broke up with me before we graduated high school, and I found out why and wanted to apologize, and she hasn't read it on Facebook yet, and it's been months.
So I sent her a DM on Instagram, and she hasn't read it either, and her last post was 6 months ago... What should I do?

This is what I sent her:

Hey, sorry to bug you, but I sent a message to you on Facebook trying to apologize for what happened when we were in high school. I'm sorry I lied to you, and I'm sorry for all the stupid things I did. I can't say I was young and dumb, because I knew how dumb I was. I should have never asked you out when I didn't have a phone and had the restrictions from my parents. I handled everything between us in high school wrong, and I deeply apologize. I don't mean to pester or annoy you, like I Have In the past, but I just felt like I needed to apologize, I know it may not mean much. But I'm sorry.

Also, thoughts on the message?


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  • The message sounds genuine and sweet. She'll see that you've matured. But most of all, remember. You already did your half. It's up to her to do the other, and if she doesn't forgive you... well you're just gonna have to cope with it. But there's nothing left to do but move on 💛

  • It's done. Nice message but 2 late.


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