Why did my boyfriend of three years up and break up with me the way he did? Why am I blocked. Was it because of his dad? Does this even bother him? New girl?

My Ex an I were together almost three years and he always just splits on me.. here's the story this time. We've had an amazing journey from hardships to amazing times and through our three years he has had tendencies to jump as I call it. He just randomly takes money from me or someone or sells something and buys a bus ticket and goes to his dads or his home state. we always ended back together because I'd take him back I love him and accept him for who he was he knew that too. Well come may he did it again stole 300$ from my roommate and got a bus to his dads in FL. While on the way he an I talked i said why'd u leave he said we need space (bs) but that's what he said. He gets there we continue talking and he doesn't wanna lose me so he says and he loves me all this crap then says but dad can't know we talk (his dad don't like me thinks I hold him down) so I said okay. Never told anyone. Move forward June he became more distant and picked up a job at Chili's we talked about me moving down there so the distance stops and Wed hide me from his dad so he wouldn't get outed for seeing me.. well come Sunday he starts screaming on the phone how I don't know the boat he's in and he can't trust me and just kept putting me down and said he don't want me down there so I ended up hanging up we never spoke again I texted but he never replied and he blocked me on fb not even an official break up he couldn't even officially end it just disappeared.. now two days after breaking up (I know we are his brother confirmed that my ex said he cut ties with me) I find out he's talking to a 21 yr old girl from work.. wow.. why so soon.. why didn't u have balls to end it what kind of ending was that..3 yeas and u drop me like that.. for a girl? How is he over it already I'm still crying and he's out with her.. and did his dad force him to break up for good? Does he not hurt or miss me I don't under stand he's 28 I'm 29 please help I thought he truly loved me..


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  • You're talking like you're a girl but you have a guy profile.

    • Sorry didn't notice that I was in a hurry and I was crying when I wrote still a valid question tho

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