No contact for 3weeks now with my boyfriend. No proper closure done. Are we considered over?

He read the last message I sent online but we stopped talking from then. No response or initiative message from him until now. I feel better because since we stopped talking as I got out of the one-sided relationship. Is it considered a break up?


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  • What do you mean "no response or initiative until now?"

    • He didn't initiate the next conversation.

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    • Mature? Or immature?

    • Sorry. Meant to say that he "doesn't seem very mature..."

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  • Yes. Looks like he brushed you off. Just do things that you use to do. And you'll forget about him sooner.

    • He seems rejoicing without communication. We are in a LDR. He did this to his ex-GF. He made her call after the break-up. His ego makes him leave first so he'll always be the rejecter. What a heartless man-child! He expects that I come crawling back? Sure it is tempting but it's time to regain self-respect and dignity on this! He is not used to closures, nice man but poor in relationships.

    • Good for you!

  • yes you are over.. move on


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  • maybe yes... however is better to ask him. Feel free to dump him if it's not

    • He always wants to be first in dumping. He is a heartless and cold man-child! He did this to his ex-GF, he made her call him after the break-up. Is it ego alone or he is just plain rude to women?

    • he's rude and immature

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