I don't even know about her anymore?

I've know this girl for say 3 years and we dated for about 6 months the 2nd year but when summer came and I made my any al trip to visit my family in Nigeria she dumped me when I got back complaint I was gone for 2 months and didn't give her enough attention despite my repeated attempts to call and text which were hardly welcomed by her... So life went on and we didn't talk that much until next semester we had a class together.. We got along fine but then she started sending me signals... So I played along and we flirted some... She seemingly wanted me back... So after a few months I decided I would ask her out and she flat out denied me with a vague explanation stating she gets bored with one guy... Which makes no sense because she is abstaining from sex till marriage which I fully respected... So how does she get bored? So life went on we were still friends you could say but then she started doing it again... At this point I have monies what she really wants? Any ideas anyone? Is she just a full circle trap or what? Sorry its long I appreciate it if you took the time to read it...


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  • Leave her.


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