Why does he repel me after I told him how I felt?

Been dealing with him for a year. I always did things to show I cared and did whatever he wanted. I told him how I felt and held nothing back. He's now not interested in even hanging out and basically wants nothing to do with me. It went from 70 to 0 just like that. I don't understand. I know he simply just isn't interested, but I've told him how I felt before and it didn't make much of a difference he still wanted to see me. His last relationship ended 2 years ago and I guess he was treated pretty bad. He was with a psycho. I'm nothing like her and I'm not in contact with him now, it just makes me wonder how it all fell apart.


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  • He feels pressured. If you knew he wasn't interested why did you tell him? If you knew he wasn't interested why do you hang around him?

  • Sometimes the problem isn't in you, so only solvable by them.


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