Why is she craving my attention?

This girl broke up with me over a month ago. She said she wanted space and time to focus on herself. I respected it and gave her space.

right after, she would initiate texting but I kept it to a minimal. Then, one day texted saying I was only in it for the sex. She continued on to be extremely friendly with me when she sees me.

after for about two weeks, her back would always always always face me. She would seem extremely upset to be in the same room as me. She has even attempted to make me jealous.

one day, she became extremely friendly. Always teasing me and trying to talk to me. On top of that, she would always play fight with me.

she obviously is trying to get my attention.

why does she want my attention?

what do I do? I'm just "acting" indifferent.
Why is she craving my attention?
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