Why is she craving my attention?

This girl broke up with me over a month ago. She said she wanted space and time to focus on herself. I respected it and gave her space.

right after, she would initiate texting but I kept it to a minimal. Then, one day texted saying I was only in it for the sex. She continued on to be extremely friendly with me when she sees me.

after for about two weeks, her back would always always always face me. She would seem extremely upset to be in the same room as me. She has even attempted to make me jealous.

one day, she became extremely friendly. Always teasing me and trying to talk to me. On top of that, she would always play fight with me.

she obviously is trying to get my attention.

why does she want my attention?

what do I do? I'm just "acting" indifferent.


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  • Women's feeling are more complicated than we think man, just because she said she needs distance doesn't mean her feelings for you vanished, sometimes distance strengthens feelings, I think she's testing your love to her, she wants you to fight for her to be with her.

  • If you really like her, then just go with the flow... from what I see this isn't something that's entirely very serious... so why not just go with the flow? I'm sure you did really like her so I mean you should talk to her... People change up all the time... One minute they don't like you but the next minute they wanna talk to you... looks like that girl just changed up... and if she needs space again then just give her more space I mean this doesn't sound like anything serious... so just go with the flow...

  • that reminds me of Attention by Charlie Puth. Like it or not, women will be women. She wants revenge, by confusing you. She wants that you regret deeply for leaving her.

    • She was the one that left me

    • but she wants you to regret it, come back to her , plead and bla bla!!!

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