Why do you think that spouses that cheat don't seem to care about how it affects their entire family?

My dad had an affair for 5 years. My parents divorced when I was started high school, and my dad and the woman he had the affair with are still together 5 years later. My parents now hate each other, my mom's family hates my dad, his family doesn't seem to know what to do, our friends don't know what to do, and obviously my brothers and I are beyond pissed off. I had an argument with my dad and asked why he did it and all he says is "it was just a little mistake". Which is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. My dad either doesn't realize or doesn't care that not only has he hurt my mom, but has hurt his kids, confused his family, created a rift between family friends, etc and doesn't seem to have a problem with forcing us to be around her even though he knows we don't want to (because it hurts HER feelings when we don't talk to her). Anyone happen to know why a) people cheat and b) why cheaters don't seem to give af how it affects everyone else in their life?


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  • I have said this a couple of times before and I will say it again.
    A cheater is a selfish person who isn't satisfied with his partner, when these two things are combined together in a person he will cheat.
    He doesn't care also because he's very selfish, he just wanna relax and enjoy his life, he's not a responsible man, he's just living for himself not even his kids, just know and understand what he's like and accept the facts. And stay by your mom's side.

  • Well if they did. care, they wouldn't cheat in the first place. Cheating in any way is wrong, but when you have kids and a established family its more. messed up.


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