Break-Up with Mixed Signals

My ex-boyfriend broke my heart July 4 and the reason for the break up are very unclear to me. He was saying things like he needs to improve his life and grow up (he's 27 living at home stuck with a dead end job and all he does is play video games) and that he can't do it with me. But two days before he said he wanted to marry and I was the best girlfriend he has ever had. That it would be hard for me to get rid of him. Then he says on July 4 he doesn't know if he loves me but he does care about me. Calls later to say he does love me but just needs to focus on him. Then he says he's just depressed and distant yet I'm what makes him happiest. I don't know the whole thing is just very hard on me and I am very depressed.I loved the guy so much and he easily let's me go while giving me mixed signals. I am so confused and disoriented!
He also said that he couldn't see a future with out me and doesn't want anyone else yet doesn't want to be with me. He tells me not to wait around for him but then he tells me "to give him time", which implies to wait for him. And he had also said that
his sexual attraction was no longer there yet I'm the most beautiful thing he has ever seen and the hottest. I have the "perfect" everything he wants in a woman for body and everything else. His family loved me and I just don;t know what went wrong.
I just don't know what to make of his messed up statements either. He says one thing then takes it back and reverses it. Why do guys like to confuse and play games?


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  • hes just being nice, he's disqualifying himself to let you down easily, completely stop initiating communication with him ( you can respond) and see what he does, he may be interested in something else but wants you around if he changes his mind.

    • Yeah but I'm not gonna play the waiting game

    • No there is no waiting....give up, stop waiting and expecting anything, then if he does decide to get back you have the POWER to crush him, or get back we you like.

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