If you block someone on this site?

are they notified that they've been blocked? or like can they not view my profile? how does it work lol


Most Helpful Girl

  • The person will not be notified that they have been blocked. They will no longer be able to contact you,they can access your profile,but can not I'M,message you,comment on your answers,thumb down/up your answer,answer your question or write on your wall. They only way they'll figure out you blocked them is if they try to rate your answer,answer a question or message,it will say they have been blocked

    There are a bunch of creeps on here. I know I'll get heat for this but the Indian guys(not all) on here are creeps(not all)

    • Yes that's why I asked this question lol. and all the perverts, I'm getting sick of them but I didn't wanna seem mean by blocking them, but oh well lol

    • Yea I agree with her 100%. about the Indian creeps. There are plenty. I've blocked a few as well. This one guy kept commenting my answers saying +1 I agree.So I told him to hop off but but he didn't so I blocked him.

      And there are also girl creeps. At least I hope they're girls -_-

    • I didn't want to seem mean as well and up until recently I have begun blocking:)))

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What Guys Said 2

  • They can't comment on your questions, and can't view your profile. They are not notified.

  • You can always put your profile as private.

    • Yeah but I already have them as a friend, and if I do they could still talk to me lol

    • View friends and remove.

What Girls Said 2

  • i do know that if you try to answer their question the answer won't submit and it'll tell you this member blocked you

  • i've blocked a bunch of people, some people on here are really weird. They don't know and they won't be able to contact you

    • Yeah there's lots of weird people on here.

    • Hey baby. Can you do me a favor and send me a picture :)

    • Lol shutuppp

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