What would you do if your ex wife treated you badly?

what would you do if your ex wife treated you like crap? after you've bent over backwards trying to help her out, even though you knew in your guts you should not,, but like a dumbass you go ahead and do it, you put gas in her vehicle, you feed her for two weeks, and you basically nursemaid her, and take care of her, then she turns on you like a snake,, screaming at you flipping out telling you your worthless, a pathetic loser, and a piece of crap? and then she starts packing her stuff, threatening to leave, would you help her pack her stuff and help her leave? or would you sit on your hands and tell her to do it or damn self?, because you're done helping her,, hopefully I did the right thing, my guts are eating me alive because it's the first time I stop bending over backwards to help her, what do you think? did I do the right thing? and if I did do the right thing, why do my guts hurt so bad? and why do I cry myself to sleep what do I do now? after all I do still love her that's why I married her because I do love her and yet she acts like she hates meWhat would you do if your ex wife treated you badly?


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  • If I were you, I would sit and let her do what she want.

    • I did just that didn't help her with anything and she is gone from my place but keeps texting me and telling anyone who will listen that I am a worthless pathetic loser because I would do anything she wanted me to do

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    • You're welcome.
      I hope things will get better :)

    • thank you so very much

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  • If she is your ex then don't help her.
    Let her new partner do it.


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  • talk to her why she act like this

    • I tried to talk to her and she said that she was just done with me and our lives together called me a pathetic loser, didn't know what she ever saw in me and wished I would drop dead

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