he's treating me horribly, as if I don't exist?

There is this guy at my uni who would stare at me for 2 weeks. He would stare at me so much that it made it uncomfortable at times. However I found him cute and liked him as well and wanted to talk to him but initially he would only stare but never smile or talk.

4 days ago we encountered each other completely alone and he was gazing at me and I finally spoke to him and we talked and exchanged names. We shook hands as well and he touched my shoulder.

However since then he has been ignoring me and acting as if I don't exist. He clearly sees me but ignores expertly.

I don't know what happened. Why is now acting like this? If he never liked me why did he stare and touch?


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  • if he's treating you horribly, as if you dont exist,
    then dont pay attention to him like he doesn't exist.

    probably he was giving you the eye to see if you were easy.
    when he talked with you, probably realized that you weren't the girl who would be interested in hookups which are just for sex.

    good riddence, look at it as that.

    • How are you sure he wanted me as an easy girl?

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    • no I guess u are right. he either wants sex or playing games & is not worth it

    • I'm game you finally see the light
      I m sorry about you having to deal with this
      dont feel alone
      i got your back 😊

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  • probably had found sth about u after name exchange.

  • cuz he is a weirdo


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  • What an ass treat him the same way he treats you.

  • Why care? It probably has nothing to do with you


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