Help! How should I handle this situation?

I was with someone for 3 years and they decided to break-up with me after a huge fight. There was multiple claims of potentially being together again. I couldn't live this way and felt so lonely so I ended doing a lot of begging and caused a few fights. He was my biggest fan and supporter, thought I was a goddess and told me we would get married all the time and was so happy he found me. I was the same to him! There was a lot of ignoring. He moved on to a new relationship after 6 weeks. It follows the characteristics of a rebound: they were friends before, happened quickly, he's not a super big social media user but has been kinda throwing it in my face lately, he told me he's blocking things out, his friends and family are surprised, and finally the biggest point: the new girl is VASTLY different from me. The type of girl he would honestly never go for. I don't mean to brag (and I wish I could include photos) but this girl is a downgrade. She is nowhere near as pretty as me. She's not smart and seems to have no friends. People who are unbiased to the situation or that don't know me or have anything for me will reach out to me to let me know she is psycho, dramatic, a huge nightmare. And that she isn't well liked in her town. I am very respected and well-liked and I have a big future ahead of me. We had a good emotional connection too, it wasn't always about looks. He started texting me again after no contact with silly reasons of getting in contact, ended up telling me he cared a lot about me and that he was always there for me, that he is a horrible person, has a lot of regrets but has to live with his mistakes, that me leaving was a horrible thing for him, that he was committed to his new girlfriend RIGHT NOW, but wasn't sure what would happen in the future. I finally stood up for myself and although he was angry we are planning to meet to exchange stuff and I wrote him a letter. I just don't know what to do now. It's obvious he has unresolved feelings.


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  • I say make him choose
    Tell him you still have feelings for him and you care about yourself enough to say that you are tired of waiting on him. Tell him it's the new girl or You

    • I really like this suggestion. I think they are in the honeymoon stage right now and I might have to wait for that to end. He has said before he's happy with her "right now" and I don't think its been enough time for her true colors to show. Maybe waiting a bit longer for them to pass through the "newness"

  • I really don't know what to tell you but I'm in the exact same spot. just one difference. he has no ither girl in his life and doesn't want one either. it's clear he can't seem to move on from ne but wint get rid of his ego and talk to me either


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