Girl left me due to work stress, opinions? n?

So, I've been seeing a girl for the past 3 months, and things were going really well up until the last 3 weeks. I know the exact moment her behaviour changed and i didn't know what to do. she's a nurse, and she has a major exam coming up that she has already failed twice, and costs her 500$ per try. if she fails it a 3rd time she may need to go down to the states to do it the 4th time, and could lose her job. This "test" and other work related stuff, such as greiving a union position has left her highly stressed that she told me she cannot do a relationship right now, and doesn't know what to do with me. She said she didn't know if we can be together or not be together. She forced me to basically make a decision as things were gonna be unfair and i was gonna be stuck in the "waiting" period for this girl, and I know better then that, so even though she left me, i had to make the final decision. she asked that we still be friends, and i said no. From there on she said okay, talk to you later, and i said bye, and we haven't spoken since. Thoughts, with whats going on in her head anyone? What should i do? Am i being lied too? What the hell happened? Anyone have any advice?


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  • From the sounds of it, she's busy as hell. There are easier ways to tell someone that they're not into you. Be more empathetic. She sounds like she has a shit load on her plate.

    • Good answer. You think it has to do with me or just her?

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    • I think it really is about work. People are generally honest, in my experience.

      When I say that I mean it's not about you, she literally told you that it wasn't about you and you made it about you. "Oh, is she playing games with me? Does she just not like me? Why would she do this?" Buddy, if she was going to make up a story to put you off, it wouldn't have been as convoluted as it is. That shit can only be truth.

    • Thanks.

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