Does this make sense?

I recently broke up with my girlfriend who I dated for 3 months. Not a big deal, but some of the things she's saying about the breakup really doesn't make sense.

So short backstory, we agreed to end our relationship a couple weeks ago because she had romantic feelings for her best friend (whom is a girl). At first she told me she didn't know how she was going to approach it. We also agreed to stay friends anyways, because we're not the kind of people to hold grudges and hate one another. I try to be good support to all the friends I have, I honestly want nothing but the best for her. Admittedly, what likely lead to the breakup is ultimately is the fact I wanted to spend a little more time together since the summer was coming up and she'd be away for most of July (we would only do things together once or rarely twice a week).

So today, I was bored and for the hell of it wanted to see how she was doing. Keep in mind she hasn't tried contacting me once after the breakup. Not that it bothers me much, but it definitely shows how much she thought of me afterwards. So she dates her best friend now basically, and some of the things she said after just doesn't make any sense. She said that "it wasn't fair to have feelings for someone while you date someone else", and I can agree with that.

But then she said something that I still can't wrap my head around. She says "It's not like I left you to date her or anything". I'm dumbfounded. Could this mean anything else? Because... um... That's EXACTLY what she did!

I just want an honest input. How should I call her out on that, given the topic ever arises again?


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  • I don't really understand why it matters... you're not together anymore, you don't have to stay friends and wanting to call her out on accepting some responsibility for the break up is going to achieve what exactly?


What Guys Said 2

  • girls are crazy man had the same thing happen, ex girlfriend went around to all my friends telling lies about us and our relationship and turned my friends against me

  • She's in denial about her responsibility in the break up.


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