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I know this may sound slutty and everything but... A while back at school I made out with someone in the school. It was after school and so there were rarely people there. Anyways it was my first kiss and also another problem was we were even going out it kind of just happened. Then the next day he said he was still in love with his ex girlfriend and I was torn in two. I liked him Quite a bit. But I told myself I would get over it but now I just can't get him out of my head. I'm far from him too. Far away for the summer and yet I can't stop thinking about him. Help!


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  • Forget about it...enjoy your summer and if he liked you enough...he would pursue you! and its not slutty what you did...only people in highschool freak out about those things...no offense ...relax...its only highschool...after that the whole game changes. If you like him that much...just focus on being friends first...have fun :)


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