HUGE bad breakup with GF! I mean BAD! Need advice ladies! PS our relationship had occasional ups & downs but was great. We were great parents team?

My girlfriend and I of 2 years had a HUGE argument about a month ago! She "dumped" me! We both said horrible things to one another!
At first, I texted to apologize (a little too much). I sent a letter in the mail to apologize as well. No replies. I did text a lot. I wasn't needy & I didn't beg. Just apologized profusely and asked to see the Kids. Side note: She has 4 & 5 yr old boys who I love and take care of as my very own. I'm the only Father figure they've had. Their Bio Dad isn't involved.

Throughout this Month, I've been dropping off money, clothes and such to help out with The Boy's (while She's at work). So I didn't stop helping out Financially. I've also been stopping by (while She's at work) to mow the lawn.
So a couple of weeks ago, I stopped by unannounced because I was in the area to pick something up. She gave the item but She acted like She was still very upset. So I left after only being there for less than 5 minutes.
Next, I stopped bothering Her. No texts, no phone calls no nothing for about 5 days. I had to meet our neighbor at his house a couple of days ago. I wasn't expecting to see Her home - so I very quietly put some things that I picked up for the boys on the enclosed large front porch along with a nice, note to Her telling Her stating that I missed them. Later I heard the kids. They saw me & came running outside. I had to run over so that the boys didn't run in the road. I asked if the boys could come out to play. She seemed a little upset still but she was polite & stated that the boys Couldn't come out until their bedrooms were clean (a rule of ours) my question is should I keep giving Her space, helping out with the lawn & helping financially while I'm away and hoping that She'll keep slowly coming around? Should I send a "love letter" telling Her how much that I love Her (which I do) or should I stop doing everything & wait for Her to contact me?
My plan: keep helping out, giving space & being patient. Advice?


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  • You are a gentleman and I think she knows that and that's why she is still allowing you around.

    I think you need to tell her that you need to talk. The problem will not be solved by doing nice things but not addressing the main problem and ask what is it that she wants clearly.
    I think you better stick around and I think she will get around

    • Thank You! I've attempted to talk a few times! She wasn't interested and I felt that it was best to give Her space to hopefully forget about the bad argument and the terrible things that were said and to begin to remember the good things. Maybe my absence will make the heart grow fonder.
      Boy I miss them :) Thank You for your time and advice.

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