Parents are never going to approve of my boyfriend?

I've been with him for a year and i've already met his family for dinner. However, my parents have no idea i'm in a relationship, and as far my mum only knows we're close friends. However, she says once I go to university, i'm gonna meet new people and leave my highschool friends and him behind.

Thing is, he's joining the military so that he can have a future with me. He is really in love with ne. My parents aren't gonna approve of a guy who's not academic and lower than me.

What am I supposed to do because he treats me right but I can't see a future with him anymore :(


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What Guys Said 1

  • Since your parents aren't pressuring you to date someone else 'right now'. I'd wait and see if you can handle the long distance. In the end they won't care about his accedemics as many grads out there can't find good jobs. As long as he's good to you and can one day help provide to you financially, they'll be happy for you.


What Girls Said 1

  • I don't know why you can't see a future with him. People in your situation can make it work. But from what I've seen it will be difficult. You off to college, him off to his IET. You both will get different views of life and be embedded in different cultures. From there it only gets more difficult. You may meet someone else, make new friends, and he may do the same. If you guys want to make it work, be sure you have a plan and be smart about it. I've seen military relationships go to Hell in over some stupid things. by the way I would say he is delaying education to get the G. I. Bill, make it so he has to pay less for school and, by then, knows what he wants to do. Unlike
    some who go and get a degree but no experience and a degree that does nothing for him. Just my 2 cents.


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