How do you get over a break up after wasting 4 years of your life with that person?

I feel so alone. My ESA is still in PR, I haven't had a chance to go get him. I lost the love of my life ( he dumped me because I didn't believe his story after I found underwear that weren't mine in his car) There are days that I'm distracted and days where I can't stop crying. Please help 😩


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  • Keep on crying and let your emotions out. Do so everyday and actually mope. Let it out of your system; do it in an extreme manner. Fucking cry, yell, feel the worthlessness, etc. Eventually, you move to stage of anger and after anger, you'll feel better because you'll realize you do not really need him. Acceptance is the last step. After that, you can date again.


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  • you move on... he is an ex... you broke up for a reason.

  • You just have to. Who's underwear was it anyway?

    • I have no idea, he said his mom or the caretaker gave him the underwear and that it wasn't his mom's nor sisters so they assumed it was mine, yet I was with him for so long so he should know what my underwear looks like. He didn't text me he was bringing them over or anything and the story just doesn't add up, if it's not mine his mom's not his sister where the hell did they come from.. I begged him to not leave me to not do this to me and he didn't give a shit yet now he's stalking me but even though I love him I'm too hurt to go back...

    • Yeah it's a bit strange his story. Maybe it's time to let go? Time is the best medicine. You'll be alright in time

    • I believe he probably cheated on you. Just a thought. Maybe, one night stand or not. Maybe, he still have feelings for you or just a little because he might be with someone else along the whole years with you. Because some people have long term relationships, some partners had enough or loses feelings for their partner and decides to cheat which ain't good or right. Maybe, the relationship is not worth saving if he does not fight for you back. Maybe, you guys are not meant to be.

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  • 1. You found an underwear that was not yours in his car. You didn't believe his story. Girl, tell us the story!

    2. He could be lying to you! He can't just break up with you like that if he didn't do anything wrong or doesn't love you anymore.

    3. My partner doesn't break up with me even though I don't believe her story sometimes. She's with me because she loves me and still with me no matter how many times we argue. Because a true relationship and lover shall never leave you when things go wrong or bad. Y'all have to fix it.

    4. By the sound of it, he was cheating on you.
    5. He left you for her. He probably had enough and wanted to end the relationship with you since.
    6. He's not worth crying over.
    7. Do something that will make you happy. He certainly didn't make you happy in that situation.
    8. It's time to move on love. Sorry


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