Keep chasing or what?

so my ex and I broke up half a year ago, a lot of crap went down in example, I asked her to go to prom with me she needed to think about it. I thought I was getting played and stuff so I said screw it, I told this girl who wanted to go with me sure lets go. Next day she finds out literally blows up on me, it was truly truly bad. A month ago or something I asked her if there still a chance left or not, I asked this question a couple times during the 6months and she just kept saying I don't know the whole time. Trust me I've said I really need an answer, I don't want an I don't know answer and ect. There was no effort coming from her when I told her to text me once your practice was done and even asking her to hangout right before I left for Vietnam. I asked her and she said maybe we'll see and I suggested a day and no response. So like the last day right before I was gonna leave, I saw her join a Facebook group called "can someone give me a guy that isn't a pussy. I flipped out cause I guess I was one but I was like a sensitive, thoughtful guy and I wanted her to be happy you know? so I let her decide on things and I guess she got fed up I wasn't a man. So anyways I flipped out and told her " what the hell is going on with you and your guy best friend married on Facebook and now a picture together? (cause it was getting really sketchy and stuff) listen why didn't you just tell me there wasn't a chance between us anymore you just had to drag me on, you seriously have some problems for making me wait for you and yada yada. Her response was honestly him and I are best friends so blah blah you can sthu. I noticed she ignored what I said about waiting. So anyways I'm in Vietnam for a month and two more weeks and I'm coming home. I haven't talk to her cause I don't want to. I'm using this as a break from her. I deleted her off Facebook like a couple days ago and this morning I wake up to a friends request from what the hell? Right now I want no part with her and I just denied it. I'm thinking of just adding her back once I get back from Vietnam and see what happens. Anyways so what are your suggestions? She's obviously a confused girl that doesn't know what she wants or either she doesn't want to hurt me by saying no chance left. Who knows.


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  • I believe she just wants to be your friend and nothing more. Sorry. But I applaud you for taking a break from her while you are away. Do your best to not stay in contact with her, even give it another 2 weeks or so after you come back. Understand that naturally humans want what they can't have. She obviously has known that she can have you anytime. Now with no contact from you she will go crazy and wonder why you are being like this. She may even think that you have had enough of this and moved on. This will freak her out if she still wants to be with you, and you will see her trying to desperately talk to you and see you etc. If she won't be trying to get you back, then just smile and move on. When you love someone, let them go, and if you are meant for each other, then they will come back.

    • She actually requested another friends request when I denied it yesterday. And this time she sent me a message saying "why can't you accept my friends request"

    • Update - I ignored both the message and denied the request and she requested me again for the 3rd time.

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  • I personally think that she doesn't know what she wants. I think the add on face book is basically just to see whether your with another girl, I agree with the other answers and just move on and leave her where she is, she doesn't know what she wants and messing you around isn't helping either.


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  • Been there, lived that.

    Few people will say "no chance left" because

    -it would hurt and that takes some courage if you're not fighting.

    -the other could come handy as friend, confident or back up.

    Just move on, there are many fish in the sea.


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