Unluckily single?

So my girlfriend broke up with me while I was in Minnesota for a portage trip and found a new fish for this reason: "Freedom away from her mom". Now, I'll give the full truth: She is stubborn and doesn't listen to her mom, doesn't take my 10 different ways of advice, and because someone who was "psychic" stated my relationship with her would end futility. I was heartbroken at first, until I quickly recovered by music. I even told her twice not to trust strangers, and she became buddies with one... Any girls think he's right that I had a relationship doomed from the start even w/o the breakup?Unluckily single?


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  • If you believe you are then you are. Some people are lucky to be single, they don't have to deal with breakups or divorces or any of the drama and shit that comes with relationships and dating.

  • You were fucked.


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