Am I over analyzing and should I just walk away?

So my ex girlfriend dumped me almost a month ago and since then I've been calling and texting trying to convince her obviously. she's at that point where she doesn't want anything to do with me. She's been seeing this other guy whom I assume she's been talking to since our relationship and she seems really into him. She says i disgust her because I dropped the ball on something personal. she always replies to my texts and calls though and never ignores me completely. I haven't even tried NC.


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  • If she's seeing someone else and is still saying you disgust her I don't really understand why you'd keep putting yourself through that. There is no dignity, or self respect and the game playing should have stayed in high school

    • Your right.

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    • Thats your choice 😊

    • After a year and half hopefully she doesn't forget our times.

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  • "calling and texting trying to convince her" is very annoying. She obviously had her reasons and the only chance you had of repairing the damage was to let her stabilize her emotions first. After that you could call her and calmly talk about it. However, if you keep harrassing her (maybe that's not your intention, but that's what it feels like to her), she'll start detesting you and you're blowing your chances of her wanting anything to do with you.
    Especially now that she's seeing someone else, hard as it may be, I think you should let her go.

    • Yes, at this point I think I've blown my chances.

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