What do you consider cheating?

This question randomly popped into my mind, and it made me wonder. Some people think that something as small as holding hands or hugging someone else is cheating, others think that a single kiss is, having sex, or flat out having another relationship with someone else is cheating. What is cheating in your eyes? Explain why if it's not pretty much obvious why.


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  • A hug or even a kiss is not cheating to me, unless it's one of those passionate "locked lips" kisses. Sex is cheating, period.

    I'm married, and neither myself, nor my wife have a problem with a hug or a quick cuddle with a friend of the opposite sex. Kisses are OK in certain circumstances (birthday parties, friend-to-friend support, etc) but it's a kiss on the cheek. If I were to kiss one of my female friends on the lips my wife would have questions for me, and I probably would for her in the same situation.

    It all comes down to whether there's a sexual undertone to it at all. Hugs and kisses can be just friendly gestures. But then again, I'm not squeezing my female pals' asses when I hug them, and my wife isn't shoving her cleavage in her male friends' faces when she hugs them either!



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  • anything that you wouldn't do right in front of ur bf/gf... like hugging friends isn't a problem for me, but like if my started kissin random people I would call that cheating...


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  • Its hard to say. I think it all just depends on the relationship you're in.

    I had a boyfriend where we could go around partying, making out, anything but sleeping with other people (which I wouldn't doubt he was doing anyway) and it was perfectly fine. Ironically that was actually my best relationship in terms of drama. I suppose that's because everything was allowed, there was really nothing to fight about. We ended for other reasons... he got too into coke and started stealing money from me (money I would've been glad to share), it was ridiculous. But we ended on good terms. He proposed to me a couple months ago after not talking to him in 2 years because he was in jail... and now he's going back. Of course I said no.

    Then there's my current relationship that's the complete opposite. Anything that involves a male is cheating. I was spending a lot of time with my 50yr old mentor at school and that started problems. If I say hi to old friends in the streets he gets in a bad mood. It's all ridiculous. But then sooner or later I found myself getting in a bad mood for the same reasons too, I guess just to get back at him. Then as the relationship progressed, I was the only one getting jealous while he was cool about everything, it's all very dramatic.

    But see, you make the relationship that way. I came into this relationship trying to treat it like my previous one. I was crushing on his friends and all kinds of stuff that whirled him into a possessive rage. And now we're just recovering from that


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