I feel weird about knowing my ex broke up with his gf?

Long story short: I thought he was cheating on me. We broke up. He hung out with girl. I posted pics with guys. Told him off when i found out he lied about having sex with him. Next thing you know, gets into a relationship with a girl that was obsessed with him for over 3 years (girl he didn't like before). I didn't have sex with him. She had sex with him within a month. He would still ask about me to friends or try to befriend my friends on fb while in his relationship. Did everything he did with me or what he planned to do with me. His girlfriend seemed to be jealous of me or feel threatened by me: making stuff up about me and blocked me (didn't know her personally). TBH it was hard for me to find out he jumped into a relationship. Especially since she gave him sex and had money. At the beginning of his relationship I was so confident that she was a rebound, but as time went by i doubted that. A year and 2 months or 1 year and 1 month later- i just found out they probably broke up. He deactivated his instagram and all of a sudden she deleted all her pictures of him/them together on her instagram... I am shocked. I know i should be happy, but part of me feels like he probably realized he still loves me... And this happened after i posted a picture of myself at the beach looking bomb... Which is sooo weird. I know i should be over him. Trust me, part of what kept me stuck was knowing he was with her but despite him hurting me sooo much- i still love him
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I think part of the weirdness is thinking they would end up together forever married, since in my mind they seemed compatible
I feel weird about knowing my ex broke up with his gf?
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