Does this mean I have the power?

My ex girlfriend broke up with me over a month ago. Now she keeps trying to grab my attention and I'm not giving it since I decided to go into NC and ignore her. Does this mean I have the power?


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  • Neither of you have "power". She broke up with you, you chose to go NC and not fall for her antics. It's pretty even and you did good remaining NC. Keep going.

    • Why would she want my attention?

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    • I see her a lot as we kinda work together. Last week she was very talkative with me but I was distant. one day I simply smiled at her and she cracked saying "you can't keep ignoring me". Last mint, she looked really sad. Seems as if she will really crack and talk to me face to face. How would I deal with the situation?

    • Just dont do anything. if she wants you back she will tell you 😀

  • not power but now you're the one who's gonna have to make the decision of letting her come back or not. kind of like power but not necessarily power.

    • And if I want her back, what do I do?

    • well if she makes the initiative and you want her back then go ahead. but if she doesn't make a move then you can always try contacting her and telling her how you feel.

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  • If you're still thinking about her then don't have "the power".


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