Should I talk to her again?

Should I talk to her again? It's been almost a year now. I broke of at first because I felt she didn't want me anymore (insecure yea) and it drove us apart. The break up was very emotional and we talked long, but by the time I tried getting back with her 2 weeks later, she told me very callously that we were done... and told me there was someone else who she had been friends with before. That was the last we spoke, no insults or malice. We aren't on each other's social media no more but I have noticed things she posts and Im 95% sure she wants to at least talk again, I just know it: but should I leave it to her to reiniciate contact or should I bite the bullet? I feel like neither of us want to budge an inch, but the way I see it she hurt me deep and I feel like I'd be losing my self respect by even blinking an eyelid at her. Yet I feel like it's the only hope we have of even being friends again since we are both as stubborn as each other.


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  • If both of you are stubborn forget it, it's never going to work unless one of you accepts to swallow their pride.

  • Twin Flame much?
    But that fucking bullet, hey


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